“No one is you and that is your power “ Dave Grohl

We are all born different and unique. And our experiences and differences mould us into who we are today.
It is essential to embrace and cherish our stories and characteristics with beauty.

Anna Raidi’s Jewellery celebrates our stories not only with beauty but with finesse, poetry and individuality. In a world where everything is connected and easily multiplied, we can only thrive by standing up to who we are, to our uniqueness.

Anna Carla Raidi grew up in Beirut. Her curiosity lead her to design and advertising yet her love brought her to Lisboa. A new journey that gave her nothing but love in return and sparked a new-born passion in her, the minute she opened her eyes to the precious Portuguese Filigree. The threads, the motifs, the meticulous work moved her so deeply and led her to her new beginning, Anna Raidi Jewellery.

Today, she gives you handmade pieces, sharing with you pieces of herself, bringing her eternal love to Lebanon and her new home Portugal together. Made with love and dedication, Anna Raidi Jewellery hopes to awaken your true self and draw a complete frame to your identity.